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August 2011

Two Months in Closeburn

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Today was my first day alone on the road again. After two months and two days I finally left the wwoofing place me and Franzi arrived at in June. There were a number of reasons for this lengthened stay, one being that I enjoyed myself a lot and it was really nice to have a bit of a home again after all those months. Seeing the same people again everyday, getting to know a place a bit better and resting a bit after a hectic period.
Of course, always when you sit down you feel how tired you are! After two Taiwanese wwoofers joined us at the farm I got sick, tonsillitis. After a week of no sleep and increasing pain I went to the doctor who prescribed antibiotics, these unfortunately did nothing and I was back at the clinic five days later. Then it had become so serious I had to go to hospital to get a fluid and antibiotics drip and the doctor prescribed another kind of antibiotics.
These finally started to work after a few days! It took another two weeks to feel better, but as I apparently had both a bacterial infection and Pfeiffer I had to rest a lot and I'm still not completely well rested. Fortunately I was at a homely place and Franzi and Tinuviel did all they could to help me. I'm so grateful not to have stayed in a hostel being that sick, unable to talk! Anyway, a bit of a tough path of the trip... but otherwise the last month in Closeburn
was pleasant. Me and Franzi watched tons of movies, mainly Aussie, and other wwoofers from France and Taiwan joined us for a few days which was nice. In addition, we made another trip, this time to Byron Bay and did some more shopping in Brisbane. But now Franzi is going home (tomorrow!) I thought it time to also move on and so I
took the Greyhound to Hervey Bay yesterday. The weather is hot, but rainy, so I'm skipping Fraser Island thereby saving some money for the Whitsundays. I'm in a nice, jungly hostel and I've already met some friendly people today and yesterday. I've spend my day reading National Geographic Magazines at the beach, it’s a hard-knock life.
Tomorrow I'm taking the bus to the last surf outpost in Queensland, Agnes Water\Town of 1770!
By the way, I'll probably fly home between 20-25th of September!!

x Sanne

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