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Dalat, Saigon, and Phu Quoc Island

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Hi there!

It’s been ten days since I wrote last, high time for a new update! In the meantime me and M.
have been in Dalat, Saigon, and Ha Tien. At the moment we are in Duong Dong, the biggest
settlement on Phu Quoc Island, 574 square kilometers of paradise under the Cambodian coast. Phu Quoc is a gorgeous! The beaches are wonderful, definitely among the most beautiful I’ve seen, the locals are much friendlier and we are staying in a amiable, clean hotel. We finally feel as if we're on a holiday, instead of on an undertaking!
Our first day on Phu Quoc we spend on the beach and yesterday we rented a automatic scooter and drove to near An Thoi in the South. M. rode on the way there through the countryside and I rode the way back along the coast, magnificent! At first I was a bit frightened to try but driving yourself is so exiting and you see and notice so much more than when you're in a bus! It was a tiring and dusty ride though, but something we won't hesitate to do again later on. The secluded beach we went to was also much more beautiful and less touristy than the one near the town... genuinely white sand and pale blue water and palm trees as far as the eye can see.. just of a postcard! Hope I can upload some pictures soon!
Today we did something else we had never done before, we went snorkelling! Another great experience! This morning we left at 8:30 at the hotel and stopped at a pearl farm (funny to
see how a pearl suddenly pops out of a shell!) before we went on a motorboat where Marije did some fishing (she actually caught three!) and we visited two different snorkelling spots. I thought it would be a bit scary at first... with the fish so close to you and the pointy corals... childhood fears of deep water I never quite got over. But it was marvelous! The fish were brightly colourful and something I can describe no differently than 'wuppies' (Dutch soccer mascots made up of a tiny fluffy balls with eyes, feet, and antenna) were growing on some of the rocks, very interesting! However, parts of the coral looked dead and me and M. tried to avoid touching anything. Fortunately this wonderful island has not been discovered by
mass tourism yet and we're grateful to see it for what it is before this inevitable wave that will turn it into the next Phuket. Tomorrow we plan on spending one more lazy day on the beach before heading back to Ha Tien on Sunday where we will take the bus to Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Our third country already!
But I'm skipping some days! As I said before me and M. took the bus to Dalat after Nha Trang and spend a day and a half there. Lovely town in the mountains with a big market and nice scenery. We stayed in an overpriced, but nice hotel and spend the day haggling (mostly unsuccessfully) at the market, saw the local landmark the Crazy House (an unfinished Gaudi-like castle designed by Hang Nga, daughter of an ex-president) and went to a nice vegetarian restaurant. The next day we took the eight-hour bus trip to Saigon where we arrived in unbearably hot weather at dirty and chaotic Mien Dong bus station. We wanted to leave immediately, it was too hot to breath! Fortunately the atmosphere in the rest of the town was better and the backpackers’ area was actually quite cozy with lots of nice shops, bars and restaurants. The hostel was nice, quiet AND air-conditioned (!). We met a lot of friendly people in our dorm with whom we had dinner and joined to the street bar close by. The first full day we went to the Cu Chi Tunnels, an intricate tunnel network operated by the Vietcong. This was in my opinion a bit disappointing, the guide was pretty rude and annoying and besides the tunnels there was not a lot to see. I expected there to be something museum like... instead there was a shooting range which quite a lot of people found amusing! It felt a bit crude to me to start firing rifles for fun where so many people lost their lives... but then again the Vietnamese and the American tourists didn't seem to mind. In Saigon there is also a popular bar named Apocalypse Now, distasteful or trivial, I'm not sure?
We quitted the group soon and walked over the ground with two Finnish guys. Marije went into each tunnel with them... I had experienced quite enough after one short bit... humid, dusty and very tiny… I felt a little claustrophobic and decided seen one seen them all.
The next day we went on a day trip to the Mekong Delta. We visited a coconut-candy workshop, went on a rowing boat through the bamboo, cycled for half an hour over an island named after a fantasy beast and tasted some coconut milk and rice-wine. The experience was
quite nice but not very unique... it all felt a bit rushed! You saw everything quickly but the emphasis was on spending money in the handicapped workshop, restaurant or in the shops. We sailed over the Mekong, a broad dirty brown river, to a few islands and went back early in the afternoon, glad we didn't book a three day trip. After getting up early for these trips and having travelled to three different places in a week we were really looking forward to some relax time on Phu Quoc. In Ha Tien, a sleepy town near Cambodia, we spend one night in a horrible hotel (dirty, ants everywhere, broken toilet, bad service... you name it) and it turned out the bustickets we requested for Cambodia couldn't be delivered to the hotel after all… bit annoying then, but everythings sorted now. All we need is a visa when we get back to Ha Tien the day after tomorrow and then we'll be all set! So, next time you hear from me we will be in Cambodia already! Hope I will feel a bit better then. I got really sick on the boat to Phu Quoc and today again on the snorkeling trip. I have a bit of a dizzyness/balance/nausea problem sometimes because of the Lariam anti-malaria pills I'm taking for our two week stay in Cambodia. I guess I have to keep taking them for the next two weeks, but I will probably change to the day pills in Bangkok as I won't go near a boat again feeling like this unless its inescapable! More next time!

x Sanne

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