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Motorbikes, New Years and a Hospital Visit

Hoi An and Nha Trang

sunny 23 °C

Hello again!

Me and M. just spend our first whole day at the beach! We arrived in Nha Trang two days ago and it’s a sunny 25 degrees here, definitely the best weather we've had so far! Nha Trang is a bit like Salou or Rimini, lots of little touristy shops and restaurants and bars with elderly Western men checking out the local girls (come to think of it, that’s probably not typical for Southern European party places). The beach is nice, relatively clean and it streches along the whole town. Unfortunately I couldn't go swimming today as I burned my leg when getting off a motorbike a few days ago and the wound hasn't healed yet. M. did go swimming and said the water's really warm!

Before we arrived here we spend a few great days in Hoi An! We really loved it there… lots of little tailorshops, art galleries, and restaurants. At night the whole town is illuminated with coloured lanterns and lanterns and because it was almost New Years there were illuminated floating animals on the river and decorations in the shops. The atmosphere was much more friendly and laid back than in Hanoi, but very touristy! We stayed in a relatively central hotel, with quite nice rooms for just five USD a night! We had met a nice Swiss girl (Sabine) in the bus and met some other people we had seen before in Ha Long so we had a drink together. You keep on meeting the same people over and over again as everyone's pretty much doing
the same route, part of the fun!
On our second day, after walking around town a bit, we met two English guys, Matt and Rob, whom we briefly encountered in Hanoi. That night we went for a drink and visited some of the local pubs. They were pretty empty but we had a good time anyway. The next day they had invited us to join them on their motorbikes, so we jumped on and went to the beach together and did some speeding. It was great fun, very exiting! It might be the best way to see Vietnam, but I guess it wouldn't work for me and Marije with our lack of technical knowledge and also the physical exertion of driving sometimes eight hours a day. We might rent some bikes for a day in Cambodia though, because it was fabulous! We even tried for a bit ourselves, pretty scary and quite difficult in the beginning actually!
That day, the third of February, it was also Vietnamese New Years so we had a shower (I swam for the first time) and then went to dinner and waited for the party to start. There were some lovely fireworks at twelve and many tourists and Vietnamese walking around town. But around one o'clock everything had pretty much quieted down and people were heading home already! Maybe because they celebrate TET for two weeks and not just one night and day as we do with our New Years.
The following day we were exhausted and I had to go to hospital to have the burn on my leg treated. I was a bit scared to go to a hospital here but M. was with me and it wasn't serious of course, but still! The doctor's English was as poor as can be expected but in the end he could pretty much explain what he thought I needed. I had four injections (two tests apparently)
and had to take two types of antibiotics (four pills) for five days. Later that day I mailed my Mum and she asked her friend who's a doctor and apparently everything was a bit over the top just for a burn and they just wanted to make some money. Doesn't matter too much, I'll get the money back from the insurance of course. Another interesting detail I shouldn't forget to mention… when M. asked the doctor when I could drink alcohol again he invited us for a drink at his place, pretty creepy!
After a good night's sleep we left for Nha Trang the next day at six in the afternoon… and we arrived at quarter to five in the morning! I had been feeling sick all the time because of the antibiotics and couldn't sleep and on top of that it turned out all hotels and hostels we're fully booked! We walked around for four hours before we found a hotel. M. booked one online, which turned out to have a problem with the water so we were brough to another one with taxi. Then M. haggled the price from twenty-three to seventeen euro's a night for the both of us, as there was no breakfast included in this substitute hotel. Chapeau after that awful night!
The rest of the day and night we slept and the next day we moved to the youth hostel we are staying now. Yesterday we went for a drink with a couple of people and today we had dinner with another Dutch girl. We've been travelling for six weeks already, OMG its going by so fast, I can hardly believe it!
Tomorrow we will spend one more day relaxing at the beach here and then take a bus to Dalat! After Dalat we will probably go directly to Saigon and possibly to the Mekong Delta or Phu Quoc Island after that.

x Sanne

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